Family & Friends Special

Giải bài tập Family & Friends Special Edittion Grade lớp 5 chi tiết các Lesson, Review. Tổng hợp các kĩ năng nghe, nói, đọc viết.

Review 1

Unit 1: The Ancient Mayans

Starter: Back together!

Unit 2: Our vacation

Unit 3: The food here is great!

Extensive reading: School

Unit 4: We had a concert

Unit 5: The dinosaur museum

Unit 6: Whose jacket is this?

Review 2

Extensive reading: Fossils

Unit 7: Go back to the traffic lights

Unit 8: The best bed!

Unit 9: Will it really happen?

Review 3

Extensive reading: Sports

Unit 10: How much time do we have?

Unit 11: Something new to watch!

Unit 12: Let's open this present first!

Review 4

Extensive reading: Travel